The Sacred Pause between 2014 and 2015

This is such a powerful and potent time of the year. 2014 is almost but not quite over, 2015 has almost but not quite begun. We have this opportunity to take a sacred pause and get intentional about how we want to end the year that's been and to move powerfully and with clarity into the New Year.

In this sacred pause we can choose to remember all the ways in which we moved closer to an authentic and joyful life in 2014. Each small step we have taken towards living from our heart's calling is a huge success and cause for celebration. In this sacred pause we can choose to bring in 2015 filled with a deep gratitude and excitement for a brand new year of unlimited potential and possibilities.

2014 has been the biggest and most transformational year of my life. This was the year I stepped powerfully onto my own heart's pathway. I don't know exactly where this path is leading, but I do know that for the first time in my life I am living with deep joy, gratitude and fulfilment. And it feels good! I'm ending 2014 back in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia after almost 2 years in Bali. I am so humbled by the way the yoga community in Melbourne has embraced me and given me abundant opportunities to share my passion for teaching yoga.

It's been a privilege to walk this path with so many beautiful people who have supported and encouraged me to follow my truth. May 2015 be filled with outrageous joy, abundance and deep heart fulfilment for us all.

Love Lisa

photographer @juanpabloreyes

photographer @juanpabloreyes